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P-ISSN         Source Title
0007-9235 CA - A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
0104-9712 Cadernos de Linguagem e Sociedade - Papers on Language and Society
1122-5165 Cadmo
1372-8202 Cahiers Critiques de Therapie Familiale et de Pratiques de Reseaux
1370-074X Cahiers de Psychologie Clinique
1298-6046 Cahiers du Genre
1252-6576 Cahiers du Monde Russe
1166-7699 Cahiers/Agricultures
0171-967X Calcified Tissue International
0008-0624 Calcolo

0944-2669 Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations
0008-0845 California Agriculture
0161-2492 Callaloo
0959-7743 Cambridge Archaeological Journal
0309-166X Cambridge Journal of Economics
0305-764X Cambridge Journal of Education
0008-199X Cambridge Quarterly
0963-1801 Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
0955-7571 Cambridge Review of International Affairs
0270-5346 Camera Obscura
0846-5371 Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal
0008-350X Canadian Family Physician
0008-3674 Canadian Geotechnical Journal
0832-610X Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia
0008-4042 Canadian Journal of Chemistry
0315-1468 Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
0706-652X Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
0045-5067 Canadian Journal of Forest Research
0008-414X Canadian Journal of Mathematics
0008-4166 Canadian Journal of Microbiology
0008-4204 Canadian Journal of Physics
0008-4212 Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
0706-7437 Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
1492-6156 Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
0318-6431 Canadian Journal of Sociology
0008-428X Canadian Journal of Surgery
1188-3774 Canadian Journal of Urban Research
0008-4301 Canadian Journal of Zoology
0008-4395 Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
1755-6171 Canadian Review of Sociology
0008-543X Cancer
0167-7659 Cancer and Metastasis Reviews
0957-5243 Cancer Causes and Control
1073-2748 Cancer Control
1934-662X Cancer Cytopathology
2159-8274 Cancer Discovery
1740-5025 Cancer Imaging
0340-7004 Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy
0735-7907 Cancer Investigation
1528-9117 Cancer Journal
1875-2292 Cancer Microenvironment
1940-6207 Cancer Prevention Research
1347-9032 Cancer Science
1045-5752 Capitalism, Nature, Socialism
0143-3334 Carcinogenesis
0008-6312 Cardiology
1047-9511 Cardiology in the Young
0174-1551 CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology
0920-3206 Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy
1869-408X Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology
1868-4300 Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics
1755-5914 Cardiovascular Therapeutics
0008-6568 Caries Research
1584-2851 Carpathian Journal of Mathematics
1262-3490 Carrefours de l'Education
1947-6035 Cartilage
2008-6164 Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine
2013-407X Catalan Historical Review
0163-9374 Cataloging and Classification Quarterly
2070-0504 Catalysis in Industry
1011-372X Catalysis Letters
2044-4753 Catalysis Science and Technology
1571-1013 Catalysis Surveys from Asia
2044-4753 Catalysis Science and Technology
1522-1946 Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions
0008-8080 Catholic Historical Review
1868-2502 CEAS Space Journal
1939-2397 Celebrity Studies
0923-2958 Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy
0092-8674 Cell
1933-6918 Cell Adhesion and Migration
1389-9333 Cell and Tissue Banking
1990-519X Cell and Tissue Biology
0302-766X Cell and Tissue Research
0263-6484 Cell Biochemistry and Function
0742-2091 Cell Biology and Toxicology
1065-6995 Cell Biology International
2228-5806 Cell Journal
0386-7196 Cell Structure and Function
1422-6405 Cells Tissues Organs
1865-5025 Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering
0145-5680 Cellular and Molecular Biology
1425-8153 Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters
1420-682X Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
0272-4340 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
0008-8749 Cellular Immunology
1462-5814 Cellular Microbiology
2211-3428 Cellular Oncology
1015-8987 Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
2152-4971 Cellular Reprogramming
1867-416X Cellular Therapy and Transplantation
0008-8994 Centaurus
1788-2281 Central European Geology
1802-548X Central European Journal of International and Security Studies
2080-4806 Central European Journal of Urology
0251-2920 CEPAL Review
0333-1024 Cephalalgia
1473-4222 Cerebellum
1047-3211 Cerebral Cortex
1015-9770 Cerebrovascular Diseases
1615-245X CESifo Forum
1992-3147 CEU Political Science Journal
1933-6950 Channels (Austin, Tex.)
1054-1500 Chaos
1347-6297 Chem-Bio Informatics Journal
1439-4227 ChemBioChem
1867-3880 ChemCatChem
0009-2363 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
0930-7516 Chemical Engineering and Technology
0098-6445 Chemical Engineering Communications
0263-8762 Chemical Engineering Research and Design
0379-7678 Chemical Engineering Research Bulletin
1527-8999 Chemical Record
0893-228X Chemical Research in Toxicology
0009-2665 Chemical Reviews
2041-6520 Chemical Science
0379-864X Chemical Senses
0306-0012 Chemical Society Reviews
0948-1907 Chemical Vapor Deposition
0009-2770 Chemicke Listy
0009-2851 Chemie in Unserer Zeit
0947-6539 Chemistry - A European Journal
1861-4728 Chemistry - An Asian Journal
1612-1872 Chemistry and Biodiversity
0009-3092 Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils (English translation of Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Topliv i Masel)
0009-3122 Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds
0897-4756 Chemistry of Materials
0009-3130 Chemistry of Natural Compounds
1860-7179 ChemMedChem
0937-7409 Chemoecology
0009-3157 Chemotherapy
1439-4235 ChemPhysChem
1864-5631 ChemSusChem
0738-0151 Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal
0731-7107 Child and Family Behavior Therapy
1053-1890 Child and Youth Care Forum
0145-935X Child and Youth Services
0009-3920 Child Development
1750-8592 Child Development Perspectives
1874-897X Child Indicators Research
0009-398X Child Psychiatry and Human Development
0305-1862 Child: Care, Health and Development
2153-2168 Childhood Obesity
0951-0605 Children and Society
0273-9615 Children's Health Care
0256-7040 Child's Nervous System
0718-5820 Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research
1938-1956 Chimerism
1753-8963 China Economic Journal
0920-203X China Information
1752-5098 China Journal of Social Work
1876-5092 China Nonprofit Review
0305-7410 China Quarterly
1097-1475 Chinese Economy
1754-4750 Chinese Journal of Communication
1540-1650 Chinese Journal of International Law
0577-9073 Chinese Journal of Physics
0256-7679 Chinese Journal of Polymer Science (English Edition)
2162-0555 Chinese Sociological Review
0009-4633 Chinese Studies in History
0899-0042 Chirality
0394-9508 Chirurgia
1507-5524 Chirurgia Polska
0009-5915 Chromosoma
0967-3849 Chromosome Research
1742-3953 Chronic Illness
1479-9723 Chronic Respiratory Disease
0716-1182 Chungara
1871-241X Church History and Religious Culture
0103-9954 Ciencia Florestal
0717-2079 Ciencia y Enfermeria
1538-2931 CIN - Computers Informatics Nursing
2005-291X CiOS Clinics in Orthopedic Surgery
0009-7322 Circulation
1346-9843 Circulation Journal
0009-7330 Circulation Research
1941-9651 Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging
1941-7713 Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes
1941-3149 Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
1941-7640 Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions
1755-5817 CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology
0009-739X Cirugia Espanola
1362-1025 Citizenship Studies
1470-3629 City
0009-8078 Civil War History
1369-8249 Civil Wars
2048-8505 CKJ: Clinical Kidney Journal
0748-3007 Cladistics
0278-6656 Classical Antiquity
0009-8388 Classical Quarterly
1759-5134 Classical Receptions Journal
0009-840X Classical Review
0009-8418 Classical World
0255-7193 Clay Research
1055-6656 Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal
0891-1150 Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine
1369-7137 Climacteric
1756-5529 Climate and Development
0930-7575 Climate Dynamics
1814-9324 Climate of the Past
1814-9340 Climate of the Past Discussions
0936-577X Climate Research
0165-0009 Climatic Change
0214-9168 Clinica e Investigacion en Arteriosclerosis
0897-3806 Clinical Anatomy
0954-7894 Clinical and Experimental Allergy
0307-6938 Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
1064-1963 Clinical and Experimental Hypertension
0009-9104 Clinical and Experimental Immunology
1342-1751 Clinical and Experimental Nephrology
1442-6404 Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
1976-8710 Clinical and Experimental Otorhinolaryngology
0305-1870 Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology
2233-8233 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine
0147-958X Clinical and Investigative Medicine
2287-2728 Clinical and molecular hepatology
1752-8054 Clinical and Translational Science
1556-6811 Clinical and Vaccine Immunology
0959-9851 Clinical Autonomic Research
0009-9147 Clinical Chemistry
1434-6621 Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
0962-8827 Clinical Dysmorphology
0300-0664 Clinical Endocrinology
2234-2400 Clinical Endoscopy
1477-7509 Clinical Ethics
1542-3565 Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
0009-9163 Clinical Genetics
0731-7115 Clinical Gerontologist
1521-6616 Clinical Immunology
1058-4838 Clinical Infectious Diseases
1176-9092 Clinical interventions in aging
1865-7257 Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology
1050-642X Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine
1555-9041 Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology
0269-9206 Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics
1539-4182 Clinical Medicine and Research
0893-8512 Clinical Microbiology Reviews
0009-9201 Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology
1177-5467 Clinical Ophthalmology
0905-7161 Clinical Oral Implants Research
1432-6981 Clinical Oral Investigations
0009-921X Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
1749-4478 Clinical Otolaryngology
0918-5739 Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology
1542-6416 Clinical Proteomics
1328-4207 Clinical Psychologist
1063-3995 Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
0969-5893 Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice
0009-9260 Clinical Radiology
0269-2155 Clinical Rehabilitation
1060-1333 Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs
1861-0684 Clinical Research in Cardiology
1861-0706 Clinical Research in Cardiology Supplements
1752-6981 Clinical Respiratory Journal
0974-4630 Clinical Rhinology
0143-5221 Clinical Science
0091-1674 Clinical Social Work Journal
1743-4971 Clinical Teacher
0902-0063 Clinical Transplantation
1740-7745 Clinical Trials
2210-7401 Clinics and Research in Hepatology and Gastroenterology
1531-0043 Clinics in Colon and Rectal Surgery
0762-7491 Cliniques Mediterraneennes
1252-7017 Clio: Histoire, Femmes et Societes
1863-2505 Cliometrica
1016-6742 CME
1526-1492 CMES - Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences
1755-5930 CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics
1752-1882 Coaching
1307-1068 Cocuk Enfeksiyon Dergisi
1809-6875 Coffee Science
0269-9931 Cognition and Emotion
0737-0008 Cognition and Instruction
1435-5558 Cognition, Technology and Work
1543-3633 Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology
1650-6073 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
1866-9956 Cognitive Computation
1871-4080 Cognitive Neurodynamics
1354-6805 Cognitive Neuropsychiatry
0264-3294 Cognitive Neuropsychology
1758-8928 Cognitive Neuroscience
1612-4782 Cognitive Processing
0010-0285 Cognitive Psychology
0147-5916 Cognitive Therapy and Research
1530-7026 Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience
1068-364X Coke and Chemistry
0010-0730 Collectanea Botanica
0146-2679 Collection Management
1069-1316 College and Undergraduate Libraries
0093-3139 College Literature
0303-402X Colloid and Polymer Science
1061-933X Colloid Journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Kolloidnyi Zhurnal
0010-1354 Colloquium Mathematicum
0120-8322 Colombia Medica
1951-6371 Colon and Rectum
0174-2442 Coloproctology
0361-2317 Color Research and Application
1462-8910 Colorectal Disease
0209-9683 Combinatorica
0963-5483 Combinatorics Probability and Computing
0010-2202 Combustion Science and Technology
0010-5082 Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves
0010-2571 Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici
0010-2628 Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae
0260-3594 Comments on Inorganic Chemistry
0305-0718 Commonwealth Law Bulletin
0250-0167 Communicatio
1479-1420 Communication and Critical/ Cultural Studies
1612-1783 Communication and Medicine
1931-2458 Communication Methods and Measures
1740-4622 Communication Teacher
1050-3293 Communication Theory
0341-2059 Communications
0092-7872 Communications in Algebra
1815-2406 Communications in Computational Physics
0010-3616 Communications in Mathematical Physics
1931-4523 Communications in Number Theory and Physics
0360-5302 Communications in Partial Differential Equations
0010-3624 Communications in Soil Sccience and Plant Analysis
0361-0926 Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods
0361-0918 Communications in Statistics Part B: Simulation and Computation
0010-3640 Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
0276-3915 Community and Junior College Libraries
0010-3802 Community Development Journal
0010-3853 Community Mental Health Journal
1366-8803 Community, Work and Family
1477-5700 Comparative American Studies
1095-6433 Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part A, Molecular & integrative physiology
1618-5641 Comparative Clinical Pathology
1744-1854 Comparative Critical Studies
0305-0068 Comparative Education
0010-4086 Comparative Education Review
1472-4790 Comparative European Politics
0010-4132 Comparative Literature Studies
1569-1322 Comparative Sociology
0149-5933 Comparative Strategy
0010-4175 Comparative Studies in Society and History
1089-201X Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
1554-0189 Competition Policy International
1661-8254 Complex Analysis and Operator Theory
1747-6933 Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations
1076-2787 Complexity
1131-6993 Complutum
0927-6440 Composite Interfaces
2152-2057 Composites: Mechanics, Computations, Applications
0010-437X Compositio Mathematica
0010-440X Comprehensive Psychiatry
1748-670X Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
1016-3328 Computational Complexity
0927-7099 Computational Economics
0824-7935 Computational Intelligence
1687-5265 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience
0891-2017 Computational Linguistics
1619-697X Computational Management Science
0178-7675 Computational Mechanics
0926-6003 Computational Optimization and Applications
1940-2503 Computational Thermal Sciences
1061-3773 Computer Applications in Engineering Education
0167-7055 Computer Graphics Forum
0010-4620 Computer Journal
0148-9267 Computer Music Journal
0885-2308 Computer Speech and Language
0925-9724 Computer Supported Cooperative Work
1077-3142 Computer Vision and Image Understanding
1093-9687 Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
1861-6410 Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery
1598-8198 Computers and Concrete
0738-0569 Computers in the Schools
1546-2218 Computers, Materials and Continua
0010-485X Computing (Vienna/New York)
2176-9079 Comunicata Scientiae
1546-6086 Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A: Bridging Education and Research
1532-0626 Concurrency Computation Practice and Experience
1607-324X Condensed Matter Physics
1063-1801 Configurations
1747-079X Congenital Heart Disease
0954-0091 Connection Science
0300-8207 Connective Tissue Research
0337-3126 Connexions
1053-8100 Consciousness and Cognition
1350-5033 Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites
0888-8892 Conservation Biology
1877-7252 Conservation Genetics Resources
1043-4062 Constitutional Political Economy
1383-7133 Constraints
1471-4175 Construction Innovation
0144-6193 Construction Management and Economics
0176-4276 Constructive Approximation
1025-3866 Consumption Markets and Culture
0105-1873 Contact Dermatitis
1075-7201 Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture
1755-0912 Contemporary Arab Affairs
1097-1467 Contemporary Chinese Thought
1074-3529 Contemporary Economic Policy
1897-9254 Contemporary Economics
0361-476X Contemporary Educational Psychology
0892-2764 Contemporary Family Therapy
2049-2146 Contemporary Hypnosis and Integrative Therapy
1872-0218 Contemporary Islam
0010-7484 Contemporary Literature
1043-898X Contemporary Pacific
0010-7514 Contemporary Physics
1470-8914 Contemporary Political Theory
1356-9775 Contemporary Politics
1995-4255 Contemporary Problems of Ecology
1352-3260 Contemporary Security Policy
2158-2041 Contemporary Social Science: Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences
0958-4935 Contemporary South Asia
1048-6801 Contemporary Theatre Review
1754-1476 Contemporary Women's Writing
1743-1816 Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain
0268-4160 Continuity and Change
0935-1175 Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
1555-4309 Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging
1335-1842 Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso
0863-1042 Contributions to Plasma Physics
1807-9326 Contributions to the History of Concepts
1383-4517 Contributions to Zoology
1541-2555 COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
0722-4028 Coral Reefs
1555-1741 Core Evidence
1749-5032 Corpora
0964-8410 Corporate Governance
1363-3589 Corporate Reputation Review
1535-3958 Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
0334-6005 Corrosion Reviews
0010-9525 Cosmic Research (English translation of Kosimicheskie Issledovaniya)
0951-5070 Counselling Psychology Quarterly
1532-687X CR: The New Centennial Review
0963-1690 Creativity and Innovation Management
1040-0419 Creativity Research Journal
0195-6671 Cretaceous Research
1460-3780 Crime Prevention and Community Safety
0957-9664 Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health
0962-7251 Criminal Justice Matters
1871-9791 Criminal Law and Philosophy
1748-8966 Criminology and Criminal Justice
0390-0142 Critica Letteraria
0090-3493 Critical Care Medicine
0887-9303 Critical Care Nursing Quarterly
1740-5904 Critical Discourse Studies
1440-9917 Critical Horizons
0093-1896 Critical Inquiry
1535-282X Critical Pathways in Cardiology
1045-2354 Critical Perspectives on Accounting
1946-0171 Critical Policy Studies
0958-1596 Critical Public Health
0011-1562 Critical Quarterly
1369-8230 Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP)
1040-9238 Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
0738-8551 Critical Reviews in Biotechnology
1040-8363 Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
1040-8398 Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
1040-841X Critical Reviews in Microbiology
0735-2689 Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences
1040-8444 Critical Reviews in Toxicology
1750-8487 Critical Studies in Education
0011-1570 Critical Survey
2036-3176 Critical Ultrasound Journal
0011-1589 Criticism
0301-7605 Critique
1330-4860 Croatian Economic Survey
1845-5719 Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering
1333-1108 Croatian Journal of Philosophy
0353-9504 Croatian Medical Journal
0011-1643 Croatica Chemica Acta
1836-0947 Crop and Pasture Science
0011-183X Crop Science
0011-2240 Cryobiology
1994-0416 Cryosphere
1936-2447 Cryptography and Communications
0161-1194 Cryptologia
1528-7483 Crystal Growth & Design
0232-1300 Crystal Research and Technology
1063-7745 Crystallography Reports
0120-3592 Cuadernos de Administracion
1132-1989 Cuadernos de bioética : revista oficial de la Asociación Española de Bioética y Ética Médica
1131-6837 Cuadernos de Gestion
2027-2103 Cuadernos de Vivienda y Urbanismo
1405-9193 Cuestiones Constitucionales
1135-6405 Cultura y Educacion
1584-1057 Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology
1478-0038 Cultural and Social History
0882-4371 Cultural Critique
1474-4740 Cultural Geographies
1749-9755 Cultural Sociology
0950-2386 Cultural Studies
0954-8963 Cultural Trends
1475-9551 Culture and Organization
1369-1058 Culture, Health and Sexuality
0165-005X Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry
1473-5784 Culture, Theory and Critique
1529-7322 Current Allergy and Asthma Reports
0011-3204 Current Anthropology
1523-3804 Current Atherosclerosis Reports
1931-7212 Current Bladder Dysfunction Reports
1943-4588 Current Breast Cancer Reports
1523-3782 Current Cardiology Reports
1941-9066 Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports
1932-9520 Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports
1556-3790 Current Colorectal Cancer Reports
1534-4827 Current Diabetes Reports
0963-7214 Current Directions in Psychological Science
1874-4737 Current drug abuse reviews
1936-3761 Current Fungal Infection Reports
1522-8037 Current Gastroenterology Reports
0172-8083 Current Genetics
1687-7063 Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research
2081-1632 Current Gynecologic Oncology
1546-9530 Current Heart Failure Reports
1558-8211 Current Hematologic Malignancy Reports
1540-3416 Current Hepatitis Reports
1548-3568 Current HIV/AIDS Reports
1522-6417 Current Hypertension Reports
1523-3847 Current Infectious Disease Reports
1467-3037 Current Issues in Molecular Biology
2084-980X Current Issues in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
0343-8651 Current Microbiology
1528-4042 Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports
1523-3790 Current Oncology Reports
1528-4050 Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology
0952-7907 Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology
0268-4705 Current Opinion in Cardiology
1363-1950 Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care
1070-5295 Current Opinion in Critical Care
0267-1379 Current Opinion in Gastroenterology
1065-6251 Current Opinion in Hematology
0951-7375 Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
0957-9672 Current Opinion in Lipidology
1062-4821 Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension
1350-7540 Current Opinion in Neurology
1040-872X Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology
1040-8746 Current Opinion in Oncology
1040-8738 Current Opinion in Ophthalmology
1087-2418 Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation
1040-8703 Current Opinion in Pediatrics
1070-5287 Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine
1040-8711 Current Opinion in Rheumatology
1751-4258 Current opinion in supportive and palliative care
0963-0643 Current Opinion in Urology
1940-7041 Current Orthopaedic Practice
1544-1873 Current Osteoporosis Reports
1531-3433 Current Pain and Headache Reports
1875-6921 Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine
1538-5442 Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care
1934-3396 Current Protocols in Bioinformatics
1934-2500 Current Protocols in Cell Biology
1934-9297 Current Protocols in Cytometry
1934-8266 Current Protocols in Human Genetics
1934-3671 Current Protocols in Immunology
1934-8525 Current Protocols in Microbiology
1934-3639 Current Protocols in Molecular Biology
1934-8584 Current Protocols in Neuroscience
1934-9270 Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
1934-8282 Current Protocols in Pharmacology
1934-3655 Current Protocols in Protein Science
1941-7322 Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology
1934-9254 Current Protocols in Toxicology
1523-3812 Current Psychiatry Reports
1523-3774 Current Rheumatology Reports
1537-890X Current Sports Medicine Reports
1102-7355 Current Swedish Archaeology
1866-3370 Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences
1092-8464 Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine
1092-8480 Current Treatment Options in Neurology
1527-2729 Current Treatment Options in Oncology
1661-7649 Current Urology
1527-2737 Current Urology Reports
1556-9527 Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology
1311-9702 Cybernetics and Information Technologies
0196-9722 Cybernetics and Systems
1060-0396 Cybernetics and Systems Analysis
2152-2715 Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking
1424-8581 Cytogenetic and Genome Research
0974-5963 CytoJournal
1043-4666 Cytokine
1552-4922 Cytometry Part A
0956-5507 Cytopathology
1949-3584 Cytoskeleton
0920-9069 Cytotechnology
1465-3249 Cytotherapy
0011-4642 Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal
1760-5342 Cahiers de l'Annee Gerontologique


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